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"A must have book for anyone who is interested in exercise for health!"

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Sample Page

"Walk out of your door
every morning
with every energy/organ system
of your body connected."
Jamie Moffett

5 Element Qigong
The 5-Minute
Health and Harmony Exercise
Instruction Book
by Jamie Moffett

92 pages, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2

Isn't this what you've always wanted?
A set of movements that is easy to learn, can be done in a small space, in five minutes, standing up, in any kind of clothes, in any state of health, that will strengthen your internal organs, tone your body, and calm your nervous system

What is qigong?
Qigong is a series of movements coordinated with breath that help balance our bodies, minds, and emotions. It is used extensively in China for health. There is even a hospital that only treats illnesses with qigong. You may have heard of tai chi. Tai chi is, in fact, a form of qigong.

There are many forms of qigong. Some are long and complex and some are simple. The Five Element Qigong is very simple and easy to learn with great health benefits.

How do you pronounce qigong?
It's pronounced "chi gong" and it means breath or energy (chi) connected with practiced body movements and mental focus (gong).

How does it work?
The gentle movements of Five Element Qigong strengthen the cellular, tissue and fascia structure of the five main organ/energy systems of the body by energizing the primary acupuncture meridians. So Five Element Qigong not only tones the muscles of your body, it helps strengthen your internal organs and nervous system as well.

Doing Five Element Qigong only five mintues a day will gently and gradually bring great health benefits.

Stressed out?
Many of us operate almost all of the time from our adrenalin system, the fight or flight nervous system that was designed by nature to be used in emergencies. What we want is to be in our parasympathetic nervous system most of the time. That is the system that helps us rest, regenerate tissue, and digest and eliminate our food. (Constipated? It might well be caused by adrenalin. Adrenalin shuts down digestion and elimination.)

If you have been in your adrenalin system most of your life, your body forgets how to be in parasympathetic mode. You have to retrain your body to get back into parasympathetic. Doing qigong regularly five minutes a day can help you do that. Plus, the specific movements of Five Element Qigong help digestion, elimination, breathing, the liver and the heart function better.

Can I learn it from the book?
Yes. This book was designed as a step by step self-teaching manual with lots of pictures and not too many words.

Who does Five Element Qigong?
I have taught Five Element Qigong as a warm-up exercise for martial artists, dancers, bodyworkers, and athletes. It balances the the body's energy and helps avoid injuries.

Others who have learned and practiced Five Element Qigong are construction workers, bartenders, office workers, golfers, musicians, lawyers, computer workers, artists, writers, mothers, dads...regular people who are not interested in becoming qigong "masters" but want a healthy, simple set of exercises they can do for the rest of their lives. Some of my best students have been women in their eighties.

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